I've worked as a mountain bike guide for the past 15 years. I'm fully trained and assessed, with qualifications from both CTC and MIAS I'm also a qualified CTC Leader Trainer and hold a current ITC OFA first aid qualification.

I was christened ‘Halfbike’ by a group of biking clients back in 2000, who were convinced I was some mutant bike-human cross breed, due my ability to ride up, down and across things that nobody else could :-)

Whilst guiding, I got a real buzz out of teaching clients new skills. With a bit of careful, patient tuition, my clients were improving their skills immeasurably and were going home with increased confidence levels and self-belief.


I can offer a wide range of training and advice – from basics such as bike setup, through skills tuition to more advanced sessions

I just can't enough of riding and can be found regularly racing at 24hour mtb events, short course XC and cyclocross races, road sportifs....

If you would like to contact me please email me at this address: olly@cloud9trails.com

last updated 3/10/2015